Brood Mares

Our brood mares come primarily from two of the largest breeding Chilean horses that exist today: The Remanso and Peleco breeding farms.

The first, belongs to Hernan Castillo Cruz, who with great dedication and throughout his life has perpetuated the work of Don Estanislao Anguita and Don Edmundo Möller it has given us the supremacy of prominent lines of blood as they are Angamos por el Corzo and Alicanto from the line of Clarin, the Alcatraz of the Flotador and El Quebrao by the line of the Comunista.

The other is the Peleco breeding farm from Mr. Ruben Valdevenito Fuica, who remains very popular with the footprint of two of the largest breeders of the past as they were, Don Hernan Anguita and Emilio Lafontaine, providing mainly the lines of the Quebrado by Picaporte, also with force with Alcatraz by Andrajo and Enchufe by the Quillacon from Longaviano.

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