The horse breeders La Araucania is characterized by a demanding, rigorous and thorough selection both morphologically, genealogical and fitness of our campus. For this reason it currently has illustrious stallions that fully meet the requirements for becoming the breeders for the farm. They allow us to restore and preserve some of the most noble blood and that are as old as the Enchufe-Longaviano by Quillacon and Barranco, Broken by Picurrio Picaporte-Communistas por el Rigor y el Nipan principally. It is these which are currently the foundation of our reproduction.

All are hallmark stallions of great racial stamp, 'acarneradas' heads filled with ornaments, good poise, excellent balance and center, strong bones and very harmonic structure in its entirety. Not only because of its strength, hardiness and gentleness, but by being faithful heirs to the class and race of the former Chilean horses.

Today our breeding facility has available to interested breeders 'Stud Fees' of the stallions Rastro, Trace and Guindalero. .

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