Breeding facilities of the Araucanía are composed of 3 barns or sheds.

The main barn has 7 stalls 5.50 x 4.70 meters for mares in foal, 12 stalls of 2.70 x 4.50 meters; administrative office, tack room, veterinary laboratory, bathing and grooming room for horses and an individual laboratory for ultrasound scanning or any kind of reproductive management that is required.

The second barn has 10 stalls of 2.70 x 4.50 meters each, while the third is equipped with 2 stalls 10 x 10 meters with a covered courtyard, each of equal size, aimed primarily at weaning group of foals, being separated by sex.

Each stall account in its interior with an automatic drinking water; a trough for hay and another for grains. In addition to a deposit of vitamins and minerals.

Taking advantage of each space, the three barns have added space which is to store extra hay and grains, as well as the chip, which is used for bedding for horses.

We also have separate pens for animals, small  nursing pastures or treatment pens, a round pen for the exclusive use of natural colt starting, a rectangular sand arena for the horses exercise and soon will be operational our crescent rodeo arena.

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