Taking advantage of modern and comfortable facilities of the Bellavista Estate, located in the most beautiful natural landscapes and pre-cordilleranos of southern Chile, La Araucania breeding farm offers horse boarding. That way, makes available to owners, of its facilities and stalls, all fully equipped with a reservoir of grain, forage, mineral salts and individual automatic drinking system. The daily care and handling of the horses are performed by qualified personnel and veterinary care for 24 hours.

The basic rates for this service are as follows, and may modify or transform each of them on request.

a) Excellent stalls; include complete food, cleaning and caring day and night for your horse. $3.500
b) Excellent stalls; cleaning and care day and night. Excluding food. $2.000
c) Boarding in excellent pastures, natural grassland improved with trefoil and rye grass. Excluding food or stall. $1.500

* The Araucanía nursery adapts their alternatives and offers additional services, according to customer needs.

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