Rest and recovery

The Araucanía farm also offers to meet the needs of recovery and rest of all types of horses, working particularly on the mental and physical recovery of animals. The wide range of issues to work on, range from bad habits, behavioral problems, varying degrees of lameness, treatment, post operative care, among others, for which we use treatments based on alternative medicine or continuation of earlier treatments prescribed by veterinarians or their owners.

In addition we have the best rest paddock for animals in post-operative recovery, convalescent, suffering from stress or retirees. To that end, the farm has paddocks where they can feel in total freedom, run, jump and interact with more horses, that will allow them to return, eventually, to be reunited with the essence of its kind, returning to be a free horse and to be a herd animal. With regards to food, this is based on individual diets, delivered twice a day when they are in the paddocks. It is also important to mention that it is a concern of the nursery, to take care of the horses with love and professionalism, as if they were ours, that's why we have 24-hour veterinary and medical treatments with natural alternative as physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, relaxation, acupuncture, among others.

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